Cincinnati Team Uniform Pricing

Pricing is based on a minimum of 6 pieces per item to qualify as “team” pricing. Orders of less than 6 will be charged the list price of the garment plus the list price printing, lettering and screen charges.


Blank list price of $15.00 or more

Add $4.00 to include 1 color print on location and 1 color 6″ number. Add $8.00 to the list price for jerseys under $15.00. Additional printing and numbering charges apply to reversible jersey.

Additional Charges
Add $3.25 to print the reverse side of reversible jersey.
Add $1.75 / 6″ digit for numbers on reverse side of reversible jersey. Add $2.50 for 8″ numbers.
Add $0.50 per letter for names.
Add $1.75 / shirt for 2nd color print
Add $1.75 / 6″ digit for 2 color digits
Add $1.00 / letter for 2 color names / 2″ letters
Add $1.00 / digit for 3″ front number
Add $1.25 / digit for 4″ front number

$4.00 / pair

$5.00 / each

15% off list price when ordering 6 or more.
Piping or braid: Pants / $8.00, Sleeves / $8.00, Front of Shirt / $8.00

Add $8.00 to list price for embroidered
Add $5.00 for name or number added to back

Shirts that require sewn on twill will be 20% off the list price for the blank shirt plus the cost of the twill (See twill price list)

Split lettering on full button shirts will be done with thermo film or twill.

Button-up shirts will be screenprinted if it can be done with a screen (example: left chest design)